While the first release of ANUCLAD was created there was no real standard for an interchange format for UML-modeldata. The most commonly used standard was the file-format from Rational Rose named mdl. Some companions started to create a new standard named XMI, this standard is quite complicated and not stable yet. After evaluating all other interchange formats available I decided to create a new format which matches the requirements for ANUCLAD.

The format is based on XML, there are currently two standards to describe XML-Documents. DTDs had been used for quite a long time, but they lack certain features so I decided on XMLSchema.

For a description of the format I recommend reading my thesis. Further information will be available on this page in a a few weeks, the file itself still contains a few bugs, so check back later.



To describe animations within classdiagrams a second data-definition was needed. Again I suggest reading my thesis. The xsd-file will be here, soon.